Nomura Chemical Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling columns for HPLC and UHPLC since 1979. Our column manufacturing technology, which has been nurtured for many years, is still evolving thanks to the support from many users. Nomura Chemical provides products that have high reproducibility and high quality, so that clients can achieve their goals without fail.

Corporate ethos

We contribute to the health and affluent lives of humankind based on our own technologies for manufacturing, separation, and analysis.

Management principles

We aim to become an enterprise that constantly procures new information and develops products for meeting needs.

Course of action

  • 1. Social responsibility We can grow sustainably by fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.
  • 2. Stable supply of products The stable supply of products is indispensable for following our principles.
  • 3. Fair transactions We will not commit any illegal act, and will make transactions with clients and business partners in good faith based on fair, free competition.
  • 4. Environmental conservation We implement energy-saving measures, including the reduction of paper consumption and the adoption of environmentally compatible packages, and conduct what we can do steadily.
  • 5. Working environment We will develop sound workplaces where basic human rights are respected and employees are not discriminated based on their ages, genders, nationalities, or the like.
  • 6. Compliance with laws and regulations We will observe applicable laws and regulations inside and outside Japan, and will not violate them in any case.


Corporate name Nomura Chemical Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment March 16, 1979
Head office 15 Hinode Town, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, 489-0004 Japan (since May 2, 2005)
Executives Mitsugu Nomura, Representative Director and President
Yuko Tsurumi, Director
Satoshi Horikiri, Director
Capital stock 10 million yen
Business establishment Anada Factory
Primary business Manufacturing and sale of filler materials, columns, and accessories for high-performance liquid chromatography,
and commissioned analysis/sample separation
Major financing banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Seto Shinkin Bank






30 min. on foot from Mikamizuno Station of Aichi Loop Railway
30 min. on foot from Shin-Seto Station of the Nagoya Railroad Seto Line