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HSR Series

The Develosil HSR series is a universal type column that incorporates elements required for separation from Develosil's technology and commissioning analysis over about 40 years.

HSR C18 Peptide

From the Develosil HSR series, "Develosil HSR C18 Peptide" developed as a main target of low molecular to medium molecules such as peptides and nucleic acids is emerging. Various conditions are considered for method development of peptides and nucleic acids. The repeated harsh conditions greatly affect column life. In consideration of consideration under all conditions, Develosil HSR C18 Peptide has made it possible to improve durability against pH and temperature, and to study with a simple mobile phase.


The Develosil HSR series was developed with the aim of maximizing separation, retention, durability, and ease of use. This feature indicates that it possesses versatility that can be widely used from research and development to quality control. Currently, as a means of analyzing highly polar compounds, methods are often developed in characteristic columns such as HILIC, but I believe that many people are using it in a familiar reversed phase system. In order to answer this request, Develosil HSR AQ C18, HSR C1 appears! !


Develosil HSR C18 can be widely used from routine work to method development by highly selective selection of compounds, high retention capacity and high separation performance, functional groups by in-house synthesis technology, high end-cap durability and lot-to-lot difference.